feature: brazil-based cultural organizer gabriel hilair shares new editorial for communicative art platform ‘dúdús’

August 11, 2016

In this age of insta-fame and 5-second innovation, the concepts of preservation and follow-through have become a necessity. To multifaceted organizer Gabriel Hilair, this reality was an urgent one; as he watched creativity and movements fall by the wayside, it became clear the need for a structured, communicative art platform- on which young creatives could properly structure their ideas.

As a member of Brazil’s militant intersectional black movement, column developer for Understood magazine, public speaker, art educator, and cultural producer- this Brazil-based activist is no stranger to getting things done, and with Dúdús, he aims to make sure that others can shape their visions in a clear cut, progressive way.

In his own words: [with Dúdús]’We can share art and product ideas, ask for feedback, improve them with the participation of other black people and complete the process with the completion of the project in the form of prototype followed by a campaign crowdfunding for production of the material.’

In short- this is a community space for productive creation; made for the people, by the people. The importance of this work is ineffable, and we need more of it. Not only does it inspire productivity, but cultural pride as well- and with all of this genius floating around, all one needs is controlled space and some time. Keep a look out for what Dúdús produces next- and check them out below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor