feature: art from malawian visual artist wickson tonde redefines interactive art as his subjects jump off the page

August 23, 2016

As digital art becomes more common and accessible, the concept of hand drawn, grass-roots creation is shifting into a rarity- or at least a road less traveled. Yet, with artist such as Wickson Tonde, the medium is making a beautiful, boundary-defying comeback. Born in Malawi, and based in Botswana, the artist has made it his self-proclaimed duty to create beautiful, realistic works of art. Using an incredibly life-like technique, his subjects seem to transcend the boundaries of the canvas, transcending the platforms of creation and distinction. Almost mistakable for photography-if not for the continuous scheme of black and white, with an occasional surrealist touch- his creative images also serve as another positive representation of people of color. Playing to themes of tradition, culture, and existentialism- Tonde’s pieces are grounded to his mindset, transporting his state of mind to the viewers, and offering a wholesome interpretation of modern-day art. A truly magnificent example of how true art takes place- check out some of Wickson Tonde’s pieces below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor