black vegans rock: american expat sea sharp pairs activist profession with low income, but flexible, planet-based diet

August 23, 2016

Sea Sharp is an American poet of color who immigrated to England in 2012 as an alleged “refugee of Kansas.” Sharp is a self-taught hula hoop dancer with tattoos, piercings, and semi-freeform locs.

As a Kansas State University graduate with qualifications in Creative Writing, Literature, Theatre, and Women’s Studies, Sharp is a Pushcart Prize nominee, winner of the Prairie Seed Poetry Prize 2015/16 (judged by Debra Marquart), and has upcoming or published poems in The Wild Ones, Storm Cellar Magazine, The Great American Literary Magazine, Coe Review, Polychrome Ink, and elsewhere. Sharp’s debut poetry collections, “The Swagger of Dorothy Gale and Other Filthy Ways to Strut”, is scheduled for print in 2016 by Ice Cube Press. To read some of Sharp’s work, please visit:

By Black Vegans Rock, AFROPUNK contributors

Unfortunately, poets are rarely paid enough to sustain an adequate living. Therefore, Sharp’s profession currently involves working alongside investigators in local government (National Trading Standards) to combat mass marketing fraud. Sharp manages numerous projects with the purpose of gaining intelligence about scam letters that target vulnerable UK residents and the criminals who send them.

Sharp chose veganism on New Years 2011 and currently practices a hybrid veganism, which includes Fruitarian, Low Fat, Raw, and everything “Intersectional.” Sharp also follows Black and Liberal Feminisms, The Hip Hop Declaration of Peace and other movements, which aim to eliminate oppressive attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyles.

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