rad creative of the day: viral viner jay versace may be the ‘funniest teen on the internet’

July 14, 2016

In this age of insta-fame and social media frenzy, it is often hard to spot raw talent. Some users though, are able to use platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Vine, to showcase their skills in a productive, entertaining way. For 18-year old viner Jay Versace, the media has served as a tremendous aid in sharing his gifts with the world.

Born and raised in Pleasantville, NJ, since his first vine in 2014, the self-made comedian has now been labeled one of the-if not the- ‘funniest teenager(s) on the internet’. Gaining major recognition for his shockingly accurate impressions, and willingness to gender- bend (or just act a fool), his internet fame has helped him move towards his ultimate goal of becoming an actor. A true comedian is often a smart one, and in Versace’s vines, it is clear – through his references and analyses- that he is aware of his time, and that which came before him; using his influence to inform as well as engage . Check out some of his work below.

By Cree McClellan, AFROPUNK Contributor

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