rad creative of the day: jacque amadi’s fashion line adorned by chi decorates the modern black girl with cute, spunky designs and accessories

July 21, 2016

Finding accessories that are cute, affordable, and agreeable with modern black hair may be hard to come by; but thanks to Dallas-based blogger and former fashion entrepreneur Jacque Amadi, there is finally a brand that fits all of these categories. Adorned By Chi has answered the call, providing handmade crowns, animal ears, and a vast collection of other cutesy accessories/ clothes for the modern black girl. (#BlackGirlMagic!)

Using primarily black models with their beautiful black hair- ranging from blooming afros, to twist outs, to dread locks, and anywhere in between- the brand consciously showcases its versatility and spunk; drawing customers nationwide with their creativity and zeal. The brand is not just for fashion though, it’s also a platform for art and communication- with their site featuring an updated zine. By highlighting black girl creatives and beauty, Adorn By Chi speaks to the undeniable input and importance that they hold on the fashion world, influencing other young girls to love the skin their in. Check out their super cute pieces below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor