rad creative of the day: illustrator/photographer ngadi smart of sierra leone uses her art to intimately meld cultures

July 7, 2016

Born and raised in Serra Leone- now based in Côte d’Ivoire- photographer and visual artist Ngadi Smart is paving the way with her art as a means of social control. Her stated mission being to positively and intimately represent black cultures, Smart utilizes her talents individually to issue a cohesive message. The beautifully organic yet vibrant components of both her art and photography, leave viewers analyzing her inspiration; which is heavily influenced by feminist values and gender controversy.

As she aims to dismantle the mainstream definitions of ‘”normal’, beautiful’, and right’- in terms of sexuality”- Smart’s project ‘ The EyeMuse Project’, aids her in diversely representing the African people, and their intimate influence on culture and society.  Check out her important work below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor