op-ed: we are being hunted hunger games-style

July 7, 2016

“WELCOME BACK TO THE 2,016th ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES. Yesterday we witnessed District Louisiana northern sector Baton Rouge Tribute (citizen) Alton Sterling fall. As we sound the cannon please hold a moment of silence. We have confirmed there was an altercation with Peacekeepers ultimately resulting in his death. There seem to be some uncertainties and irregularities surrounding his death but worry not, The Capital has it’s best investigators looking into the matter. As new information emerges we ask all District citizens to please remain calm and remember the Capital always has your best interest at hand. Let this serve as a reminder that although the loss of any civilian life is tragic, the loss of order by civilians is catastrophic. As we saw with District Ferguson and District Baltimore. He or She who does not serve The Great Capital certainly does not serve their district. We must maintain ORDER. Compliance is not requested but mandatory. We know there are some who feel Alton’s death is an attack on all sovereignty, as District Brooklyn dweller turned Capital citizen @ijessewilliams made clear recently with his treasonous speech at The Capital Gala for Distraction and Dance. Please do not celebrate such outbursts, do not share these dangerous ideas on social media. This type of talk undermines the fine work The President & The Capital is doing to provide you with the comforts you all enjoy in your districts. Remember you will never make it through the Capital Gates without showing your allegiance to your district’s rules and regulations. Joining any resistance, rebellion or protest will surely be seen as an act of treason and will be dealt with as such. A good District citizen is a happy District citizen. Go forth and be happy, work hard and diligent and Trust in your President & your Capital. May the odds forever be in your favor!!!” -Capital Minister of Information
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By Netic, AFROPUNK Contributor