feature: photographer tatu garcia and collagist lola dupre collaborate to produce new beautifully edgy series ‘hedonismo’

July 28, 2016

When two artists combine to create one piece, the outcome is- most often than not- some of the most creatively constructed and intriguing works. ‘Hedonismo’, for REMIX Magazine- the most recent collaboration of photographer Tatu Garcia and collagist Lola Dupre lives up to their joint reputations; possibly even surpassing it, as it translates a new, edgy vibe to the concept of fashion and visual art. Applying her collage-making skills to that of Garcia’s photos, Dupre reshapes the original images- gifting them an animalistic fluidity and drawing viewers into the world of it’s conception. The lines shaped by the two artists, slightly resembling that of traditional african wood sculptures, give the piece a more organic and cultural aesthetic- yet leave ample room for interpretation. A truly edgy experience, check out ‘Hedonismo’ below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor

Benagy Benoit @Visage Models wearing,
Vest : Kostume
Mesh top : Kostume
Jewelry : Margarita Araya

Lemylie Sozah wearing,
Top : Juan Hernandez Daels
Dress : Juan Hernandez Daels

Benagy Benoit @Visage Models wearing,
Skirt : Kostume
Hat : Vestuarete + Retro Boutique BS AS
Jewelry : Margarita Araya

(left ) Manuela Hidalgo wearing,
Suit : Margarita Araya
Jewelery : Margarita Araya
( right ) Lemylie Sozah wearing,
Clothing: Juan Hernandez Daels

Manuela Hidalgo wearing,
Top : Vestuarete & Retro Boutique
Jewelry : Margarita Araya

Benagy Benoit
@Visage Models wearing,
Suit : Kostume
Chair : ‘Ten’ Furniture

Manuela Hidalgo wearing,
Suit : Margarita Araya
Jewlery : Margarita Araya