FEATURE: Mozambican heavy metal band Damning Cloudiness offer audiences an explosively cathartic experience

July 15, 2016

Music is a tool for release; and for the Mozambican heavy metal band Damning Cloudiness, the release translated through their performance is monumental. Based in a relatively poor country- still recovering from its devastating 15-year war- the yearn for a cathartic release is a more personal one. Well, Damning Cloudiness does more than just release, they explode. While sustaining the familiar screams of the genre, the group works to take it a step further with their passionate lyrics that are representative of their reality. Straying away from the mainstream narratives of heavy metal (i.e. death, destruction and revenge) Damning Cloudiness focuses on themes like individuality and self-preservation. Well-known in Mozambique, they offer audiences a more emotional yet just as wild experience; removing them from their reality while overwhelming and exciting them with their energy. Check them out below.

By Cree B. McClellan, AFROPUNK contributor