afropunk premiere: austin-based industrial-punk duo blxpltn send politically-charged message of queer solidarity in ‘gun range’ and ‘how many shots’

July 11, 2016

Austin-based duo BLXPLTN (Blaxploitation) never fail to make an interesting impression with their unique punk-industrial core soundscape that’s paired with electro-hip-hop and dark ambience. True to form, ‘Gun Range’ and ‘How Many Shots’ are an unapologetic pair that calls out the dehumanization of black bodies as well as the recent Orlando Pulse nightclub massacre. While their single ‘Gun Range’ describes an incredibly chilling narrative of bullets, haphazardly free-flying through the air, ‘How Many Shots’ is an almost ironically up-beat call for unity for and support for other minority communities who have been targeted by ultra-violent individuals and mind-sets. “This is for every person of color, any queer person, any trans or non-binary person, any minority, any lonely person who has suffered hate and discrimination,” BLXPLTN tells AFROPUNK.

“Do not let them bring you down. Do not let them rob you of your spirit. Do not let them strip you of your humanity. You are our people. You are our family. You are beautiful and powerful. You are not alone.” Listen to ‘Gun Range’ and ‘How Many Shots’, below, and watch this space to hear more from BLXPLTN’s sophomore album ‘New York Fascist Week’.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Photo credit: Carlos J Matos

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