feature: brazilian photographer luiz ferreira visualizes the emotions, stories, and experiences of black youth

June 16, 2016

In his new series Brazilian photographer Luiz Ferreira visualizes the emotions, stories, and experiences of people of the diaspora, who often left in the margins of the societies that they are in. With a sequence of handsy portraits, we the audience are given the allusion of both worship and grabby commodification. Peripherally, Ferreira aims to also bring attention to historical black resistance and explore the many identities and histories within the community. Watch the project right over here and see the photos below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Andréia Gonçalves
Daniel Roberto
Deborah Bispo
Fernanda Gomes
Havy Cícero
Jaluzza Monteiro
Jonathan Dutra
Ka Libre
Kamilla Silva
Lineker Teixeira
Michelle Araújo
Patrick Shakurv Yasmin Cibele

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