feature: cinthia souza glows in rio de janeiro-based photographer pedro gomes’ latest editorial series

May 5, 2016

In his most recent editorial series, Brazilian photographer Pedro Gomes makes a departure from the more vibrate and colorful portrait of the Rio de Janeiro area we normally see. In this series, he takes us to his favela, or ‘slum’, neighborhood. Still, far from “poverty porn”, model Cinthia Souza basks in the lingering glow of the ‘golden hour’ sunlight. Unabashed, she flourishes against the backdrop, reclaiming the circumstances the photographer had to come to terms with. “The idea here is to position the favela as the backdrop, a place where I was born and raised, but always ran away from in my work; this concept is totally connected with my period of empowerment as artist, where I’m looking for bring elements from my surroundings to my work,” Gomes tells AFROPUNK.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

Photography: Pedro Gomes
Model: Cinthia Souza
Styling and assistance: Thiago Miranda

*Erin White is an Atlanta-based writer and AFROPUNK’s editorial and social media assistant. You can follow her on Tumblr or friend her on Facebook. Have a pitch or an inquiry? Shoot her an email at