feature: anonymous spelman college student chronicles gang-rape by morehouse students on twitter

May 3, 2016

A brave Spelman College student is using an anonymous Twitter account to share her experience being brutally gang-raped by four peers from Morehouse College. In a string of fewer than 20 tweets, the student outlines the party setting where her assault took place after she left her group in search of a restroom. The student also shares the events that followed the immediate reporting of her assault to a public safety office, being sent to the hospital for a rape kit, and the profoundly disturbing alleged response from her school. “When I got to the meeting with the Dean and Public Safety they asked me what was I wearing, why did I seperate from my friends, & why was I drinking under age. The Dean also said that Spelman & Morehouse are brother & sister so I should give them a pass. I never felt so worthless.” An extremely common response that we hear from universities across America who refuse to protect or even assist students who have been raped. The student has since decided to withdraw from Spelman.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

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