new music: awa ly’s ‘five and a feather’ is simply stunning #soundcheck

April 5, 2016

I sit here watching the rain out of my window, trying and failing to imagine a better soundtrack to the early April rain than French singer Awa Ly’s latest album Five and a Feather. With a massive array of influences and a commitment, above all, to lush haunting melodies, Awa Ly’s latest is simply stunning.
The set mixes Senegalese rhythms with delicate guitar and piano lines that swirl around eachother, periodically throwing in indie rock textures, alt-country melodies, and even a Chinese Erhu for good measure. When Awa Ly crackles, particularly on “Storyteller,” “Let Me Love You,” and “Here,” she succeeds at creating something both beautiful and propulsive. Her voice is rarely less than utterly captivating, spinning out worlds of sound and emotion.
Five and a Feather is out now and available here.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor