movie premiere: british filmmaker michael williams explores a black man’s subconscious in “stay woke” short

April 5, 2016

Stay Woke is short film by British filmmaker Michael Williams. Told in a series of visual mesmerizing surrealist monologues given by characters within a black man’s subconscious, “Stay Woke” is an introspective examination of the human condition and other existential matters.

“I wanted present a broader deeper representation of black male identity. Theres a narrative written for how we are portrayed or sometimes even what we imagine ourselves to be, I wanted to counter that picture.[…]We encounter these characters as facets of his subconscious moving him from thought to action, calling him (and our audience) back to the world on to something higher. Its my own evolution of the past few years. The idea of being ‘woke’ has been around a while and the film’s title post-Ferguson started to feel more political but I kept it as I feel being woke to the grim realities of life is only part of our potential as complex individuals, the film is mark of love, an affirmation and a call towards a higher consciousness,” Williams tells AFROPUNK.

Watch “Stay Woke” exclusively down below.

By Erin White*, AFROPUN contributor

STAY WOKE from michael williams on Vimeo.

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