mangoseed- “lucy” (official video)

March 31, 2016

VIDEO: Watch punk/reggae/funk fusion band Mangoseed’s killer new video “Lucy”.

A candid celebration of the turbulent journey from lust at first sight to full-blown addiction to love, ‘Lucy’ is a blast of voluptuous urban-jungle skank layered with powerhouse drumming, sub-bass sonics and ambient electric guitar. Mixing rock’n’roll grit and heavyweight dancehall rhythms, ‘Lucy’ is steered from its contemplative melodic verses to the pumping electro-groove of its chorus by the vehement vocals of frontman Nicholai, who declares “Lucy give me everything I could want in the world” as the South London four-piece perform at their energetic, eclectic and electrifying best.

Available for digital download 18 March