feature: nyc-based photographer goblin talks trusting your struggle and paying it forward as a professional artist

March 24, 2016

“My words created images and I wanted my images to create words”.

Nancy Hernandez is my given name; Goblin is what I go by. I am a twenty-year-old college dropout. I attended BMCC for a year and a half, majored in liberal arts but was lost and unhappy at the time. Photography and writing are my first loves. Writing comes easier for me, both emotionally and logistically. It requires no money at all just a girl, a pen, paper, and unexpressed emotions. After visiting Dominican Republic in 2009 I documented my uncles’ journey. It was my first encounter with this side of my family and something I needed to capture. What I have heard about them through the years and what I saw were two different interpretations. Connecting with my culture and having time to reflect I discovered that my words created images and I wanted my images to create words.

By Goblin*, AFROPUNK contributor

“…I wanted to expand the walls of the apartment I have known all my life”.
As a young adult I realized my household lacks motivation. Being the youngest of my siblings I always aspired to be more, I wanted to expand the walls of the apartment I have known all my life. I made room for happiness and creativity, devoting downtime to teach myself the fundamentals of photography, photo editing, and web design. My edits are done based off of connections I’ve made with my models, I tend to manipulate the colors, shadows, and highlights. As for my pictures, they convey all of the things I’ve witnessed from everyday interactions. Photography is more than just a hobby; it has become an outlet that gives me purpose to live life and inspire the people I meet. Serving as a freelance photographer I prefer to capture my models in their element, allowing me to showcase their uniqueness and what sets them apart from everyone else. “Trust your struggle”.

On February 2016, I created my fundraiser NHRNDZ” on The campaign was created in order to keep my photography career going. This will later help me raise money for new equipment and supply my clients with better quality images. I have incorporated donation levels that include my services at a lower cost. Once my goal is reached I will donate my current camera to someone in need or a school to help promote creativity. My idea as an artist goes beyond photography; my primary goal is to keep building and connecting with people around the world. NHRNDZ is my brand, a place where creatives from all avenues come together to support and share the spotlight. My vision is to help people in my community become intangible with their sufferings. Trust your struggle.