feature: brazilian rap collective senzala hi-tech celebrates african ancestry through music

March 1, 2016
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Senzala Hi-tech, a rap collective formed in 2012, brings together Afro-Brazilian artists and their different experiences to celebrate their African ancestry through its music and art.
The group searches for references from African, Afro-brazilian and Afro-latin cultures, mixing hip-hop beats to other sounds like salsa, arabic music and samba, thus translating the cultural diversity of São Paulo City. Although being formed 4 years ago, Senzala Hi-Tech brings with it a large repertoire through the experience of its members Diogo Silva, Taekwondo athlete, gold medal in 2007 Panamerican Games, rapper Sombra, member of the rap group SNJ, musician and producer Minari (SNJ) and the percussionist and cartoonist Junião, integrant of electronic jazz group Lavoura. DJ Ajamu, from the historical rap group Racionais MCs, and the percussionists Gustavo Da Lua (Nação Zumbi) and Edgar Abreu are part of collective too.
The first Senzala Hi-Tech’s EP, with six songs, is available for free download on the band website:

By Robin Batista, AFROPUNK Contributor *

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* Robin Batista is a Brazilian designer, student in Afro-diasporic Visual Arts and AFROPUNK contributor.