“the ocean” by seye isikalu

February 18, 2016

the ocean. from SeyeIsikalu on Vimeo.

“”The ocean”” serves as a visual based on the featuring poem I wrote called ‘plot twist’, which explores the complexities that sometimes come along with being completely passionate & committed to who or what you love.

In the visual for the ocean, I try to portray the struggle that occurs when a person is unable to evenly distribute the love/commitment between the ‘who’ & the ‘what’, resulting in the gradual deterioration of one. One comes out the victor, but not without consequences.

a film by Seye Isikalu.

Nikki Fagbemi
Alexander Aplerku

Production Assistant: Tyon Mason
with music from : louis the child (“Strange”), D.R.A.M ft SZA (“Care Taker”) & Fela Kuti (“Water No Get Enemy”).