“meninas black power” (the black power girls) documentary by denize galiao

February 1, 2016

MeninasBlackPower Germ /ENG from Denize on Vimeo.

Denize Galiao is a Germany-based filmmaker from Brazil who make award-winning films about black women, queer people, and others who live on the cultural fringe.

“I decided to make this film because Brazil is viewed as a multicultural nation, a place where all ethnicities can live peacefully together.
In truth, Black and mixed people in Brazil are the majority and we have the worst education, young people of color are killed every day by the police and no one cares about it. The best paid jobs are still for the white elite of the country. In my opinion the racism in Brazil keeps people of color away from information, culture and critical thinking. One of the most powerful tools for this kind of “apartheid” is the media industry… It is still in the hands of the seven most powerful families of the country.

Our social structure is clearly reflected in the TV shows, where black actress are often hired to play Nannies and Black actors relegated to play solely criminals, and until last year demeaning “Black Face” portrayal still existed.

With the advent of the Internet, things are rapidly changing, people require more representation, they are organizing themselves, they are
The black Brazilian women play a very important role for our country right now. I believe that we live in a historical time, a time of positive changes.

I want to dedicate my work to these people who’s voices are getting increasingly more powerful in Brazil.

The Documentary “Meninas Black Power” (The Black Power Girls) tells the story of of tree fascinating women in Rio de Janeiro.
They are Afro Brazilians and encourage people of color in different ways to free themselves of the post colonial standard of thinking.
In a country with 50 percent Blacks and mixed people, adapting to and assimilating White culture is no longer acceptable.”