feature: get immersed in art director gabrielle kannemeyer & photographer kevin mackintosh’s surrealistic world of visual theatre

February 8, 2016

Kevin Mackintosh is an avant-garde fine arts photographer who is based in London, NYC, and Paris. With art director and stylist Gabrielle Kannemeyer, Mackintosh created surrealistic landscapes and imagery with the help of household and commonplace items, which he uses as accessories for his models and scenes. It’s not unusual to see a tea kettle stacked on a model’s head, a rustic drinking cup necklace draped over her shoulders. Many of Mackintosh’s still life photographs contain similar oddities and seemingly random placement of miscellaneous items, which gives his viewers the chance to draw their own conclusions about the relations between the items until they begin to tell a story. With or without out-of-place props, the creative team creates sumptuous scenes that employ unique textures and patterns to make a completely visually interesting work of art. Model: Adau Mornyang. Hair and make-up by LucyAnne Botham.

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor 

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