feature: check out paris-based ivorian photographer jean michel tébah-klah’s gorgeous series ‘origins’ a tribute to the women of the ivory coast

February 10, 2016

Jean Michel Tébah-Klah is a Paris-based photographer from the Ivory Coast in West Africa. In his recent series, ‘ORIGIN’ Tébah-Klah features Ivorian women sporting natural hair and protective styles along with traditional outfits. The series was shot in Tébah-Klah’s living room with very few materials outside of his camera. He decorated his impromptu set with a few art books and also played Ivorian music for his models to set the tone and feel they were trying to depict. His models were also asked to pose only in the ways they felt more comfortable and natural.

Check out ‘ORIGINS’ down below!

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

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