book: a review of ‘cicatrizes’ by nia hampton

February 1, 2016

My partner and contributor to my blog Nia Hampton just released an ebook about her experience in Brazil. Nia, like me, is based between the U.S. and Brazil. She uses her experience as an African American woman from Baltimore to influence her work with Afro Brazilians (including her partner Davi Nunes – author of the Bucala: Princess of Cabula). She is a filmmaker, writer, poet and translator.

In the past Nia Hampton’s work in Brazil has been featured in Al Jazeera, in a piece where she bridged together the connections between the Baltimore Riots and the Civil Rights movement in Brazil (Bahia, specifically).

Cicatrizes (Portuguese for scars), written by Hampton designed by Maya Rodriguez, is a short ebook filled with poetry, vignettes, prayers, and mediations. Through her youthful and humorous tone, Hampton weaves tales of virginity, innocence, spirituality and, above all, blackness. Using poetry and short stories Hampton blends together her experience as an African American amongst Brazilians. She presents a coming of age story that takes place between Baltimore, Maryland, USA and Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Join Hampton as she reveals “a unique take on what it means to have brown skin, female genitalia and a blue passport in a decolonizing world.”

By Tiffany Ward, AFROPUNK contributor

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