afropunk premiere: zuluzuluu covers syreeta and stevie wonder for black history month on “black maybe” #soundcheck

February 15, 2016

Get your headphones on and get ready to sink into this sound. Today we’re premiering ZULUZULUU’s “Black Maybe.” A cover of a song originally performed by Motown singer Syreeta and penned by her ex-husband Stevie Wonder, ZULUZULUU recorded the cut in honor of Black History Month. The band updates Stevie’s paleo-future spaced-out arrangement with modern-retro synth pads and glitch effects, culminating in a glorious explosion. It’s haunting, it’s beautiful, it’s powerful. As Mykchal Fisher of ZULUZULUU explains: “Counsel with the wizards is that we did the joint to pay respect and homage to the ancestors as well as Stevie and Syreeta. But at the same time I feel that we are trying to manifest the energy of that era, that revolutionary period of blackness. The lyrics to the songs are potent today as much as they were at that time. we just want to reiterate the message in a cosmic jazz electro perspective.”

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK contributor

Above photo: by Lisa Persson for Minnesota Daily