afropunk premiere: london-based ambient randb singer echoes drops sexy, somber ode to heartbreak anthem, ‘valentine’ #soundcheck

February 5, 2016

London-based ambient RandB singer Echoes’ new single ‘Valentine’ is a sexy, somber ode to the break-up. Its the cynical sludge that coats one’s heart once you emerge from the tunnel of love, empty-handed and much colder. “The track is about being ‘over’ love – all the cheesy films and Valentines Day cards- you can keep them because it all feels like smoke & mirrors when you’ve just broken up with someone. There’s always a point after a break up when you think- I’m not sure if I can do this again!” Echoes tells AFROPUNK.

Echoes describes her sound perfectly as ‘velvet vocals and atmospheric synths.’ Her voice comfortably swims the depths of her range, somewhere between Toni Braxton and Sade. ‘Valentine’ sounds soft and warm, as if you were disappearing in a sea of blankets, Echoes voice enveloping you in ribbons of silk, pulling you deeper in. “I had the vision of a girl almost turning into a robot because she’s stopped being affected by it all. And she’s warning a new guy that whatever he does to win her over, it won’t work and it’s not personal, it’s just that she’s already started to turn to metal. That’s what the imagery in the video is about, too.”

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

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