video premiere: stony browder jr.’s ‘strike’

January 12, 2016

Check out Stony Browder Jr.‘s new video ‘Strike’. Stony Browder Jr. takes an interesting angle at agitating the masses into action with this visually playful video featuring brightly-painted folx who dance against brightly colored backgrounds. ‘Strike’ is an upbeat call to the masses who, “…know this isn’t right!”, and to the bourgeoisie to basically say, watch the eff out before we…you know…strike. ‘Strike’ is a well-balanced song that has a mischievous bass line underneath an otherwise optimistic (and unique) collection of sounds, including some sweet maracas and a guiro. Nice.

Watch Stony Browder Jr.’s ‘Strike’ down below!

By Erin White, AFROPUNK contributor