op-ed: yoga teacher nityda bhakti gives you a beginner’s yoga lesson

January 8, 2016

After teaching yoga to people from all different walks of life over the past 10 years, two of the most frequent comments I hear from people about why they believe yoga is just not for them are, (1) “I’m too tight. No, for real, I’m not flexible enough to do yoga!” and (2) “I don’t have enough time to do yoga.”

So first off, you do not need to be super bendy, able to touch your toes, or a former gymnast to do yoga. No matter your flexibility or in-flexibility level, there is a way for you to approach the yoga practice, and the good news is that yoga helps you get more flexible!!! A flexible body is less likely to be injured, especially as we age, and is overall more comfortable to live in. Just one more great reason to give yoga a try if you haven’t yet.

You will be surprised by how much your body can open up both during a yoga class and over time.
Second off, in this video you’ll see how in less than 15 minutes, a balanced yoga sequence can have you feeling refreshed and shift your mental state for the better.

After you try this sequence, if you want more, you can hop back to Yoga to Increase Flexibility in 15 Minutes, Session One.

New to yoga? This sequence is great for beginners! In fact, on the channel there is an entire beginner’s playlist that will help you slowly and safely learn what the yoga hype is all about.

By Nityda Bhakti, AFROPUNK contributor