op-ed: yoga meets the streets: yoga demo with nityda bhakti for urban edge yoga in little 5 points

January 18, 2016

Hey guys, this video is a little different from my usual. Rather than instructional, this is more for entertainment, but there is a passionate message behind this video. In both my professional and personal lives, I am sincere and enthusiastic about exposing as many communities to yoga and its healing benefits as possible. I have been fortunate to work not only as an experienced, certified yoga teacher, but also a licensed psychotherapist and clinical social worker, and through that, bring yoga to residential drug treatment centers for adolescents, psychiatric wards at hospitals, inner-city schools and trauma clinics. Yoga has been such a powerful impetus for healing in the lives of so many, myself most definitely included, why not take it to the streets and get people interested?!

By Nityda Bhakti, AFROPUNK contributor

Let the world continue to unite through yoga. Yoga is everywhere. It is the true nature of who we are- peace, love and freedom. Life at times takes us away from our true nature, yoga helps to bring us back. We can practice yoga anywhere. Mat or no mat, room or no room, experience or no experience. Yoga is for all! Yoga is for you!

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Thank you to Iriane Brown, the talented director of this film, who I just know is about to blow up: check her work out here and here.

Thank you to Margarita Rios of Edgy By Nature on wardrobe, the designer of the beautiful tops you see me wearing in this video: check out Edgy By Nature here and here.

Thank you to Justin Bazan, the Executive Producer of this film, and man of my trades: check Justin out here. Thank you to all the passersby who humored us and made the shoot super fun.

Music: Lapalux – ‘Without You’
XXYYXX – ‘About You’
Desiigner Royel – ‘Panda’