new music: new-wave singer ebony bones! and director ayakamay take aim at j-pop culture in video for ‘bread & circus pt 2’ ft deeelite’s lady miss kier #soundcheck

January 26, 2016

Singer/songwriter/producer Ebony Bones! teams up with American-Japanese artist and director, Ayakamay, for a wacky cultural critique in Bones’ music video for new-wave track ‘Bread & Circus Pt. 2’ ft DeeeLite’s Lady Miss Kier. The ambitious video takes aim at “Kawaii” Japanese pop-star culture, which prizes unrealistically charismatic, flawlessly well-behaved, de-sexualized young public figures. J-pop stars are expected to continuously project an image or perfection and happiness, in all aspects of their lives, and are often forced to hold plastic smiles and poses for hours on end. In ‘Bread & Circus’ we see a Japanese pop idol holding her facial expression and pose to parody J-pop culture and consumption. “Could my apathy be to blame?” As the video progresses, an empathic relationship develops between the viewer and the idol. “I feel numb, I feel numb, I feel numb!” flashes on screen and guides hook, drawing acute awareness to the physical endurance required of and dehumanization within the profession.

Watch the video below!

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

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