new music: jordan max spins a soul apocalypse on “only one is king” #soundcheck

January 27, 2016

Over clicking hi-hats and malevolent piano, soul singer Jordan Max spins out an every day apocalypse on “Hell.” Somewhere between a funeral march and a malfunctioning world-killing machine, the song is less prophecy than grim realization that we might be in the middle of it. His voice is powerful, haunting, and full of resigned sadness. “Hope,” meanwhile is the saddest damn song to ever carry the name. When Jordan Max hits the chorus “all we have is hope / who wants to live alone?” there’s an almost palpable irony to the thing. While “Let Me Lay Down” suggests that the peace he’s looking might be a long way off. The EP is available for pre-order now:

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

“Hell” is currently available as a free download at