new music: afro-futurism artist anbuley fuses ghanaian culture with house music

January 4, 2016

A daughter of diaspora, Anbuley sings in Ga—one of the languages spoken in her native Ghana. Anbuley was born in Vienna, to African/Ghanaian parents who had relocated via academic scholarship received by her father. Submerged in the very white world of central Europe, Anbuley’s family regularly played music from back home, providing their daughters with a cultural refuge to steep roots in.

When Anbuley was four, her father finished university and the family moved back to Ghana. Back in her home country, Anbuley participated in choir and other culture activities. Five years later, the family once again relocated to Vienna—this time for a job opportunity that her mother had received. 

Years later, Anbuley, who had been a musical child, taught herself about electronic music and began cultivating and blending the sounds of each of her respective cultures. The result? A hypnotic blend of synthesized African beats she describes as Afro-Futuristic.

Take a listen down below.

By Erin White, AFROPUNK contributor