BOOKS: author/educator/publishing maven Dr. Tamara Pizzoli pens gender/race-bent fairy-tale ‘The Ghanaian Goldilocks’

January 27, 2016

‘The Ghanaian Goldilocks’ flips the classic fairy tale on it’s head with a gender and race-bent ‘Goldilocks’ named Kofi. Kofi, a black boy from Accra, Ghana, wears traditional kente cloth, has sun-lightened natural hair, and is affectionately referred by his friends and family as “Goldilocks”. ‘The Ghanaian Goldilocks’ seamlessly weaves West African culture and themes into this beautiful modern re-telling. “This book demonstrates that not only do black boys matter, but that they deserve to be the main characters in fairy tales,” says Frenchaire Andrews, Director of PR & Marketing for The English Schoolhouse Publishing.

‘The Ghanaian Goldilocks’ is just one of many afro-heritage children’s books written by The English Schoolhouse Publishing’s founder, Dr. Tamara Pizzoli, and you can check them out right here!

By Erin White*, AFROPUNK contributor

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