AFROPUNK PREMIERE: Puerto Rican soul-singer Calma Carmona releases dreamy new video for “Who Knows”

January 5, 2016

Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Calma Carmona’s video for “Who Knows” captures the simultaneous confusion and bliss of falling in love. “Who Knows” has a sensual, dream-like quality that is one-part ethereal mystery and one-part ’90s soul. Dressed in a partially unbuttoned pajama set—which flies open in a way very reminiscent of TLC—Carmona moves through a grass field and an industrial building. The nighttime attire juxtaposed against such scenery is disorienting but strangely enjoyable—a lot like falling in love.

“”Who Knows”, is a blur between the awake and dreaming state of mind. No matter which one, nobody really knows, but what I do know about love is that it makes me feel alive, and Who Knows is an expression of that sentiment,” Carmona tells AFROPUNK.

Check out “Who Knows” down below! Learn more about her most recent EP, “Presentiment” here.

By Erin White, AFROPUNK contributor

Video directed by Eric Heights. Music produced by BLKEYE.

Photos by Pablo Diaz