feature: yoga for immunity – when you’re sick with the cold, cough or flu

December 23, 2015

I like to make yoga feel not only accessible, but practical. On my YouTube Channel I create videos with a purpose, to address a specific issue, experience, feeling or theme. While the holidays are accompanied by cold and flu season, its also one of the worst times to get sick with all the added “to-dos” that fill up our lists. When we are stressed, we are more susceptible to getting sick, as our immune system’s ability to ward off germs decreases. The benefits of yoga are tremendous, and the benefits of practicing at home, even more so.  Yoga decreases stress that is held mentally and physically, within the body. People who practice yoga regularly have a heightened immune system for this reason. 
By Nityda Bhakti, AFROPUNK Contributor


My latest YouTube Yoga Video: Yoga for Immunity When You’re Sick with the Cold, Cough or Flu, is an energizing yoga sequence that in addition to fighting stress, helps to open the thymus gland and stimulate the lymph nodes to support immunity. This sequence is slightly more rigorous that my first Yoga for Cold and Flu Video, which is more restorative. If you’re feeling ready for more after those, try Yoga for Holiday Stress or one of the other fun sequences on the channel. There are playlists on the channel as well if you want to choose a video by level or style.
Don’t let the holidays make you ill- give the healing mind/body science of yoga a go! Happy Holidays!


Nityda is an advanced yoga teacher certified at the E-RYT 500 level in Prana Flow Yoga. Nityda has been teaching yoga and meditation for the past 10 years in addition to working as a licensed psychotherapist and yoga therapist (in which she marries her expertise as yoga teacher and licensed psychotherapist in a one-on-one setting). Nityda formed The Yoga Wellness Space with the mission of making yoga feel less intimidating and more accessible for all. Nityda’s focus is one-on-one yoga and yoga therapy and sharing via her YouTube Channel, where she uploads new yoga sequences and guided meditations weekly.

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