feature: the bold new photo series from canada based kenyan artist kibby kibwana

December 9, 2015

Take a look at the latest photo project from Kenyan artist Kibby Kibwana, a series that was inspired by the work of French photographer Thierry Le Goues. The Canada-based artist (who lives in Toronto) tells us, “I have been slowly perfecting my craft for the visual arts since 2011 starting with a Sony point & shoot digital camera. Shortly after my personal self introduction into photography I began to experiment with different mediums from landscapes to eventually portraits. In 2013 I purchased my first digital camera and found a niche in high fashion photography.” Regarding their bold new project (untitled), Kibwana states: “In September of 2015, in Los Angeles, California I began a creative project with models Joia Talbott & Tiara Kelly. This project is directly inspired by french photographer Thierry Le Goues from a book in 1997 called Soul. I first came across Thierry Le Goues’ images way before I picked up a camera at the age of 9 at a time where I was still learning English watching a film called Belly that my mother would not approve of. I was visually blown away by the black and white images in the film clip of Belly of models Naomi Campbell on the wall. I decided to create this project with women of colour from the African diaspora who I absolutely find fascinating, diving and eternal.” Explore below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor

Models: Joia John – / 

Tiara Kelly –

Photographer: Kibby Kibwana – /