feature: queer brazilian rapper, rico dalasam, defies genre and gender expectations in hip-hop

December 29, 2015

São Paulo’s Rico Dalasam is on a challenging mission: bridging the gap between the black, hip-hop, and queer communities. Earlier this year, Dalasam released their first EP, Modo Diverso—a bold and candid peek inside what it means to be black and queer in some of São Paulo’s poorest neighborhoods. On tracks like ‘Reflex’, Dalasam talks Nietzsche and speaks on the complexities of queer black identities, self-acceptance, and standing up for marginalized groups.

In the music video for their first single, ‘Aceptio-C’, Dalasam moves through the frame dressed in vibrant colors and patterns reminiscent of Carnaval do Brasil. Taking cues from the genius of M.I.A. and Mykki Blanco, Dalasam uses beats unrestricted to a single genre, instead borrowing from funk, samba, and Axé to create music that is both multicultural and undeniable. 

By Erin White, AFROPUNK Contributor

Photos above by Henrique Grandi
Photo by Hick Duarte