feature: the ‘not black enough for brooklyn not african enough for accra’ exhibition, by ghanaian-american artist kojo owusu-kusi (aka citizins)

November 27, 2015

Explore the art of the ‘Not Black Enough for Brooklyn Not African Enough for Accra’ exhibition – Visual artist Kojo ‘Citizins’ Owusu-Kusi‘s solo exhibit, which kicks off tonight (Friday November 27th 2015) at 8pm at the Stuyvesant Mansion in Brooklyn, NY. The showcased work explores the dual identity of the Ghanaian-American artist, featuring art and photographs from his recent trip to Ghana. His camp state: “The work on view explores his work through visual arts in respect to the African diaspora here in the states as well as back home. Whether referencing an immediate identifiable location or one that is conceptual abstract, each work of art encourages the viewer to contemplate or decipher the physical context in which the work was created. Numerous works by Citizins present a travelogue into the art of everyday living. Certain images provide such oblique reference to place that the viewer is left to feel immersed in the work, eager to relive every moment from whence the work was created or captured.” Take a look below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor