FEATURE: Lawrence Lindell Puts Solo Career On Hold With Self Titled Final Album & Releases Self-Help Book

November 2, 2015

Check out a preview of experimental LA artist/musician Lawrence Lindell’s forthcoming album, his sixth and final album. In regards to the collection (out this winter via Noise met Sound), his camp say: “The 9 track, 34 minute LP is Lindell at his best and freest. The album features Dr. Strange, a Blues guitarist and child hood friend of Lindell’s as well as vocals from Editor in Chief of Reflekt Magazine Camay V […]The album takes you on an uplifting journey with sound, bass and melodies backed by soulful drums and percussion.” 

Lindell will also release a self-help book along with the album, entitled ‘I Know Nothing, but I have a Few Thoughts’. He says: “I started working on this album in April 2015 when I returned to the States from England. I couldn’t get my visa sponsored so I had to return home. When I came home, I came back with pretty much nothing. I used all my money to go to England, so I had to “start” over. Had to find a new job, moved in with my mom, who I haven’t lived with since 2007 and at one point I decided I was going to take my life. I wrote one song when I got back and that was Ancients. For a good while after being back I was crippled with depression. I couldn’t write and everything I created was shit and disappointing to me. I finally broke out of my slump after taken some time off from making music and focusing on getting my mind back to a safe and healthy place. During that time off I wrote a short book, which got my thoughts and emotions out of my head and got me back on track. I finally started working on what I had decided would be my last solo album for a while. This is why the album is self titled. Its my last album and it felt right that I call it Lawrence Lindell. The album is a documentation of my musical journey and life thus far. The songs are filled with joy and meant to be heart warming and uplifting. I decided to created a body of work that people could play and feel good from listening to it.” Listen below, and catch Lawrence Lindell on Saturday (Nov 7th) at Industry Gallery in LA for his album release show (CLICK HERE for more info).

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



(Photo credit: Jasmyne Johnson)


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