radkey – glore

October 15, 2015

VIDEO: punk band Radkey released a claymation video for their single ‘Glore’.
Note from Random acts: “In the space of just over two minutes, we’re taken on a psychedelic, mind-bending, face-melting claymation trip through the morphing world of what Radkey love and hate, incorporating too many NSFC (Not Safe For Children) scenes to count and using a variety of claymation techniques heavily influenced by pioneers such as Bruce Bickford and David Daniels. Think Celebrity Death Match meets Jackass meets Beavis and Butthead meets skateboarding, fun-loving kids who don’t give a f**k… and you’ve got GLORE, directed by Nicos Livesey at Blinkink
Glore is a track which will make you “wanna run around drinking beer and throwing up Haribo” according to Nicos Livesey, so he thought he’d better visualise that feeling for the video.
‘Glore’ from debut album Dark Black Makeup – available now: