new music: cat francis’ solo acoustic debut ‘saint francis: finding faith” is mesmerizingly heartbreaking #soundcheck

October 7, 2015

Over hushed finger picked guitars and an eerily musical tape hiss, Cat Francis whispers her delicate songs of longing on her stunning debut Saint Francis: Finding Faith. The 5 songs are a beautiful bit of bedroom R&B, the rare solo acoustic record that benefits from the starkness and homemade feel. The unadorned heartbreaking “Run” stands out as a painfully honest, and honestly painful look at a breakup. It’s complement, the stunning “Oh Brother,” finds Cat Francis harmonizing with herself over a simple thud on the body of her guitar. The plaintive “don’t run from me” at the end cuts to the heart of the contradictions at the end of relationship. Run / don’t run / run / don’t run. This intimate EP is mesmerizingly heartbreaking and not to be missed.

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor

Twitter/IG/Soundcloud: @thecatfrancis