feature: “this is erasure” – texas mom puts textbook company on blast for calling slavery ‘immigration’ and slaves ‘workers’

October 6, 2015

A mom In Texas has put a book publishing company (McGraw-Hill) on blast after seeing that the transatlantic slave trade was referred to as “immigration” in her son’s World Geography textbook. To make matters even worse, slaves were referred to as “workers”. WTF?! Roni Dean-Burren (an English teacher for 11 years at the high school that her son attends) took to her youtube channel to protest (watch below); and now the book publisher has stated that it will make amends – firstly in the digital version and then in the next print run of the book. In a statement to her son (who brought the errors to her attention in the first place) and to all those who joined her in protest, Dean-Burren writes (via Facebook): “This is why your voices matter!!!” You did this!!!! And to my sweet boy, my only son….my man man Coby Burren…look at your power son!!! #blackboysmatter #blacklivesmatter.”

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor


“This is erasure […] This is revisionist history — retelling the story however the winners would like it told”—Roni Dean-Burren (via Washington Post)



Photo credit: Washington Post