FEATURE: The ‘MUKUNÃ editorial’ – Brazilian Photographer Kelvin Yule’s New Photo Series On Locs

October 21, 2015

Take a look at the ‘MUKUNÃ editorial’, Brazilian photographer Kelvin Yule’s stunning photo series on locks. The 4-part series is a collaboration with Salvador based hair & beauty studio Mukunã Dreadlocks, a salon that specializes in locking hair. Yule tells us that the series was inspired by the experience faced by the salon’s founders (and many people in Brazil who have locs). He quotes them as saying, “I ( Claudio ) and Victoria (wife ) we were still in college, and decided to put on dreads as a form of empowerment. After that, the labor market was completely closed to us, in a way we did not understand. Nobody wanted to hire us in Salvador. Victoria was pregnant and things were pressing more and more, and that’s when we decided to learn the process of locking hair”. Accompanying the images, is the following statement: “Mukuna is sensitivity, self-knowledge , it is strengthening. It is common to all of us. It is the strength that we need every day . Mukuna is unconditional happiness when it becomes part of you. It is the place further to closer […] Mukuna is the blood of our ancestors that runs through our veins. Mukuna is not ashamed to show freely. Mukuna’s hair is root, is pride!” Explore below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



Photography, direction, retouch, edition: Kelvin Yule
Production, stylist: Matheus de Morais
MakeUp Artist: Jaíne Pita
Hair: MUKUNÃ dreadlocks