feature: nyc activists ticket park slope residents for minor “offences” to “show how cops treat communities of color”

October 23, 2015

As reported by Waging Nonviolence, on October 18th, a group of New York Anti-police brutality activists (Police Reform Organizing Project, aka PROP) mock-ticketed white people in the gentrified Park Slope area of Brooklyn, for minor “offenses” such as jaywalking and blocking the sidewalk – offences that black people are often harassed and ticketed for by cops. Their aim: “bring attention to the profiling Black residents go through”. The founding member of PROP, Robert Ganji, says: “Part of what’s so deeply offensive about broken windows policing is that it’s a form of bullying […] It is basically targeting and harassing people who have limited resources, both politically and financially, to fight back.” And Josmar Trujillo, a member of the Coalition to End Broken Windows (one of the groups that joined PROP on the day), states: “White people are not used to getting any kind of police enforcement around low-level offenses.” CLICK HERE to read more on this story.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor


Photo credit: WNV / Ashoka Jegroo