feature: nigerian comic book creators comic republic’s league of african superheroes

October 23, 2015

Check out the superheroes of Nigerian comic book creators Comic Republic. The brainchild of illustrator Jide Martin, Comic Republic now have several titles under their belt (including ‘Hero Generation’, ‘Ireti’, and ‘The Might of Guardian Prime’) – titles that are centered on African women and men with badass superpowers. The motto of the company – it’s core being Jide Martin, Tobe Ezeogu, Ozo Ezeogu, and Michael Balogun – is, “We believe in the power of storytelling”. See some of their characters below and CLICK HERE to download Comic Republic’s latest releases for free.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor



“Many decades ago in the Yoruba kingdom, a desperate kings deal with a deity results in the birth of a child, Ireti. The child grows into a mighty warrior with powers that surpass normal men greatly; leading armies to battle, conquering kingdoms and protecting her people. “



“Joshua martins had always dug his nose deep in the books, marvelling at the nature of science never did he know that he would one day be part of one of sciences great anomalies, discovering that he was born with the ability of teletechnopathy and magnetism”


“Commander Jade .N. Waziri. The no-nonsense ,strong headed leader of the national advanced security service (N.A.C.S.S) founded by the united nations security council in 1949 . Through a series of experiments at the onset of the Nigerian civil war jade waziri is the first known successful attempt at creating a superhuman soldier. Her natural affinity for warfare,tactical maneuvering and espionage has earned her the position of commander of the African branch of the N.A.C.S.S organization.”



“Toye oluwadare is the typical school teenager that loves sports, loves social networks and never has the time to worry about his looks and who looks, but his identity becomes a concern to him when one day he discovers he can do things ordinary people can’t, and he must become someone else, he must become powerboy”



“Avonome is the story of Hilda Avonomemi Moses, born in 1937, in the remote village of Etunor, a settlement in Ighara, Edo state. She disappears without a trace only to reappear in a cemetery in recent times, still unchanged, with no memory of who she was or where she had been all this while, except a knowledge of her name, a mysterious companion and an unbelievable gift – the ability to see spirits…”



“Tunde Jaiye is the fifth element, one of the five essential elements on earth (earth, air, water, fire and man). He is the perfect man created how God intended man to be (in his image). He can do everything a normal man can do only magnified to almost God like levels. He is the guardian born to the human race as customary every 2000 years. He is Nigerian. He is Guardian Prime”