video premiere: berlin-based rapper elijah hook’s brand new video – “experience”

September 18, 2015

Today we’re premiering the new video from from Berlin-based rapper Elijah Hook. In regards to the uplifting track, Hook tells us: “When I was writing this track: “Experience” I was taking a look back at my life, trying to find closure and trying to close a chapter. The vision was to capture certain situations that can happen to you in life. I find that, even though it can be tough sometimes, you should always have in mind how you want your life to be like. So even though you experience negativity in your life and you fail – a lot – you should always get up and continue to make your personal aim come true.” In regards to the visual, he adds: “I also wanted to point that out by vision and show that everyone can fail and still you should be able to bundle your forces and continue on walking your path! Compared to my first video, “Videogames“, I wanted  “Experience“ to be less arty but still impressive and make sure that everyone can understand or relate to my message. So even though the videos are different, it was clear to me from the beginning that Momo Ghaffar was the right choice to make for this project, as he has THE eye. His work is very detailed and I had the feeling that he was the only one that really understood and felt my music. He was just catching the vibe. And that’s exactly what I want! I always try to create something that plays with your emotions – make you feel good, make you think about life, or just give you the chance to escape your daily routine. At times my head is filled with creativity and words. Then, melodies literally spill out of me and my brain is setting the structure – usually this happens when I travel. I am like a reporter, my art is the product of how I filter my environment. What I see, feel or hear is captured in my music. And to be able to do this I need a space and some guidance as well. I think a good producer should also be kind of a mentor; and I feel like I found this in Yves Micossé. Working with him on the entire project made me aware of how making a record should feel like. I can spend hours with this guy and still we are vibing together. Either it’s me having a line or he plays something he already has been working on. I mostly come up with lyrics either during the process or when I take the project home -and after some time working on the song together there is this feeling that comes up that makes me think: “That’s it!“ and mostly Yves feels the same so we start recording.” See the video below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor





Photo credit 

Sina Lesnik 

Video credits

Producer – Yves Micossé 

Script written by Elijah Hook, Gianna Kirschner and Momo Ghaffar

Filmed and cut by Momo Ghaffar

Directed and edited by Momo Ghaffar, Gianna Kirschner and Elijah Hook

Clothing from TALA WE 

“Special thanks go out to:

Gianna Kirschner


Little Boy: Lennox Katangole
Driver: Phoebe Vogler
Group of Guys: Haile Iskel, Mehdi Sultani & Patrick Schell
Girl with glasses: Albina Haxhimusa
Jogger: Yves Micossé
Two Girls: Tala We & Vanessa Rottenburg


Thank you all for joining my vision.”