feature: super natural – illustrator marcus williams’ new comic book superhero

September 30, 2015

Meet Super Natural, the badass black superhero from outer space! The creation of Atlanta based illustrator Marcus Williams, Super Natural was originally created as a supporting character for Anthony Piper’s ‘Trill League’ superhero parody (pictured at the bottom of the page), and now Williams is giving this heroine her own series. In regards to the story, he says: “Super Natural is relatively new to this planet and has found herself in harsh adjustment to the ways of American culture and life. She will soon find that power breeds much more than just the ability to assert your will, but also fear and sharp critique from those that lack such power.” He also states that “her name refers to her moral stance against portraying herself as anything but a natural black woman. This includes her appearance, her diet and her lifestyle.” Check out some images below, and CLICK HERE to help produce the first chapter of the ‘Super Natural’ comic series (via Kickstarter)

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor