feature: pushing the boundaries of fashion – dutch designer marga weimans

September 24, 2015

Check out the designs of Dutch fashion designer Marga Weimans, a designer who continues to push the boundaries of fashion with her unconventional creations. Her camp state: “She [Weimans] is interested in the combination of fashion and architecture. Her collections are very broad: from haute couture to pret a porter, including architectural showpieces and minimalistic dresses. The designer worked together with several artists from other fields like industrial designers and architects. Weimans wants to show her personal development and innovation in the designs. The realistic everyday environment of her studio is reflected in her work and transforms into a sublime dreamlike world. She incorporates elements of nature and space and uses earth tones and natural fabrics. She works with 3D perspectives and her designs include architectural materials like wood, iron and resin. She also creates her own fabrics by mixing fabric with fiberglass; in this way, Weimans’ designs tell a personal story of how her creative ideas come about. Because of her black roots, Weimans is also interested in exploring the role of black women in our current global, complex culture.” Check out some of her designs below and CLICK HERE┬áto see more.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor