feature: bazaar bohemian and juliana luna of project tribe – two earth goddesses on that “gonna save the world vibe”

September 22, 2015

Meet the Bazaar Bohemian, and US based Brazilian artist Juliana Luna – the co-founders of Project Tribe, a global network for creatives and “vehicle for women around the world to spread their inspiring stories and cultivate their uniqueness” (as the founders state). Bazaar Bohemian – who describes herself as an “Earth Goddess and Warrior Princess” on that “Gonna Save The World Vibe” – uses her personal blog and social media to share her passion for art and culture, inspiring all to seek adventure and to be even more adventurous with their fashion choices. She says: “I’m so excited to share with you my journey…A journey filled with kaleidoscopes of prints, patterns, and colors…While on this journey, I make sure to take each and every day…to honor the energies that created me…I truly understand my purpose in Life is to spread an excessive amount of #PositiveLoveEnergy in this world…I do this through a platform I created with Juliana Luna, called Project Tribe …A place of unity… and Inspiration…Where we cultivate the magic that each individual can posses. The same passion I exude for inner inspiration…Is the same passion I exude for the external inspiration… I believe the clothing and accessories we adorn ourselves with should be a reflection of that same Spirit…That’s how Printed Pattern People was born.” Explore below.

By Alexander Aplerku, AFROPUNK Contributor