drty diana – episode vii “party” + episode viii “snap”

September 23, 2015

Check out the latest episodes of ‘Drty Diana’ – Dalena Huynh and Yonas Michael’s dark comedy web series about a music journalist and rocker who has moved back to her hometown after failing to hit it big in New York: “one year after moving back to her hometown and taking a job in ad sales, Nyaomi [played by Cassi Maddox) has abruptly quit her nine-to-five and barricaded herself in the lies she’s spun. Her friends think she’s started a new job, her college boy-friend-with-benefits think she has it all together, and her mother is too wrapped up in becoming a Bravo reality star to see the signs. Through strange and unusual measures, Nyaomi tries to make sense of her life, her identity and the person she wants to be. Enter Diana.”

FYI These episodes feature music from Mirror Signal and Cake Kills.