afropunk premiere: punk / hip-hop group sunny gang party with a purpose on new single ‘godzilla’ #soundcheck

September 23, 2015

Sunny Gang’s built a reputation on destructive parties (their signature song’s chorus is “get wasted and break shit”). On their latest single from their forthcoming record, the band’s destructive impulses are now aimed squarely at destroying the shitty things about society. Basically like Alex from Chapter 21 of Clockwork Orange, except without the being a total sociopathic monster for the previous 20 chapters. Over a minimalist bassline, the band launches into thrash-inflected hardcore, on what’s easily the best single they’ve put out yet. “Brick by brick / step by step / we gonna tear this shit down till there ain’t nothing left.”

By Nathan Leigh, AFROPUNK Contributor


In an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, each member had their own take on the song and their new direction:


Guitarist Chris Bacchus says:


“It drifts away from what Sunny Gang has been known for, the whole party antics and whatnot, to focus on more serious topics. It’s kinda like us growing up, you know? Instead of partying all the time, we’re focusing on more serious matters because I guess technically now we’re adults, so I guess there’s that.”

Marshall / Drums:


“We tried to make a culmination of all our frustrations and put them into one song, and just go out and make the most aggressive song that we could make.”



Bassist Joe Sap describes their new record as “Candy Coated Vegetables:”


“You give people a little bit of what they want, and at the core is what they need to have. And that’s an approach that we kinda took to heart.”

Frontman “Nasty” Nate Hitchcock sums it up:


“For me, personally, the lyrics of the song? The theme is about walls and how they can separate people. You have the Berlin Wall, or the wall on the Rio that separates Mexico from the United States, and then you have more metaphorical walls. And for me, writing the lyrics was about tearing those walls down, like social media, how it puts walls up, and prevents people from empathizing. The flipside is to not take things too seriously. Sometimes you do have to have fun and laugh at yourself. And that’s a lot of the album too. We’re not just shouting at people and telling them they suck, we’re also enjoying life. We’re not PC punks.”

The band is playing a show at a secret location in Newark on September. RSVP here for deets:

And check them out October 14th at a CMJ showcase at Arlene’s Grocery.